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z平方建筑事务所 Z Square Group

Z Square Group is a professional consulting company including architects, interior designers, project managers, engineers and construction manager. We provide all-around solutions for any scale of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. With the benefit of in-house teams, we are able to provide our client with immediate action and professional solutions at any face of the development project, Whether it's at the land purchasing phase or occupancy of the development.

Lead by licensed Architects with over 15 years of experience in both public and private sectors. Together with professional engineers, our building design team is capable of deliver project in any complex scale. we have established collaborative skills with our clients and consultants to development comprehensive design solutions that meet the needs of the development.

Z Square Group Project Management Department is a group of professionals with extensive project management experience and expertise that provides turn-key solutions for projects at any stage. With the combination of Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, and Financial Experts, our project management team is able to offer constructive recommendations to help decision-making. Our professionals with experience in Development, Design, Construction, and Finance can provide additional value to the project from the beginning. And guiding the project to successful completion.

​Z Square Group has in-house Licensed Professional Interior Design with great experience in residential and commercial and institutional projects. We have a strong sense of construction technical detail and budget control. We can help the owner to select the project-fitting finishing material that is both aesthetic and cost-effective.

With years of construction management experience in residential and commercial projects. Z Square Group has established a comprehensive construction management structure. Our cloud-based construction management database gives our client and office managers a real-time vision of the site image. Our daily log system allowed us to deal with site conditions immediately which will leave no surprises during the construction. With the in-house architects engineers, we're able to provide professional recommendations to consultants to resolve any site condition. Together with the Interior designers who is sensitive to finishing material market value, we are often able to provide building alternations that will help the project complete being a cost-effective manner.

2710, 14th Ave, Markham, Ontario, L3R 0J1
Phone: +1 416-502-1616
Email: info@zsquaregroup.com

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